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Back-To-School 2021

Campaign Goal: 75,000$

Time Left



Who are we


Please allow us to present ourselves, and more importantly – our children.

We are Yasmin: an NGO and educational community in Binyamina, a unique township founded in 1922 in the Northern region of Israel.


Driven by a vision of creating a comprehensive, environmental, nurturing educational community for the children of Binyamina and its surroundings, a small nucleus of determined families set out in 2018 to make this vision a reality. From a tiny group, we now operate an energetic, flourishing school in a small campus that used to serve Binyamina’s oldest agricultural collective.


Today, our school serves as a second home for families from Binyamina, Zichron Yaakov, Pardes Hana-Karkur, Alona and Hof HaCarmel. From pre-kindergarten to 4th grade and counting – we add a new grade every year as the pioneering class matures.


We make this approach to you, because we need help to fully realize our dream. Since its inception, Yasmin was funded by parents’ ongoing contribution. Although recognized by the state, our school is seriously underfunded. As we gradually grow and take on further responsibilities, we face handicapping shortages, struggling to meet both operational and developmental challenges.


In plain words: for the Yasmin Educational Center to survive, for the vision to remain in fruition, let alone develop further, we need your help. Yasmin’s superb staff have done amazing things with extremely limited resources, almost all coming from within the community, with minimal state contribution only in the last year.


We appeal to you in the hope that you will share our vision, realize the necessities, open your hearts and join us in our children’s journey.

Secured Payment

Bank Wire

If you wish to make a donation via bank wire, you can do so, by using our IBAN details below:

yasmin for antroposofi education

Account no 36050046

Branch: IL 010 954


119 HADKALIM St. Pardes Hana


  IL03 0109 5400 0003 6050 046

If you do decide to do so, please send us a note, so that we can recognize your contribution.

Thank you !


Contact Me Please 

Thank you for contacting us!

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